Plum rakija (brandy)

Plum rakija (brandy) captivates with its softness, which derives from the oak tree, and harmonized tones flavor derived from more varieties of plums.
Stored in packages of 0,7 liter, in a concentration of alcohol of 42,4% vol.

Apricot rakija (brandy)

The apricot rakija (brandy) represents a perfect combination of characteristic taste and smell, of the aroma obtained by distillation.
Stored in packaging of 0,7 l in the concentration of alcohol 40% vol.

Quince rakija (brandy)

brandy has a mild, sweet smell of quince and tastes of a long bite. Contact with the tree barrel has allowed calmness and golden yellow color.
Stored in packaging of 0,7 l in the concentration of alcohol 40% v / v.

Liqueur with honey

” Vojvoda ” liqueur with honey derives from high-quality apple brandy, combined with several kinds of honey and the addition of propolis.
Stored in packaging of 0,7l at a concentration of alcohol of 25% vol.

From the sun the fruit fell
it poured into an old bottle,
then “Vojvoda” took the bottle
image and name he give it.

With our knowledge for your pleasure
                            The Momirović family


,,There is no good brandy without good fruit“ grandfather Marko was known to say while maintaining the family orchard. Like all householders under the Valjevo hills and Šabac glades, where fruit by itself is majestic, not to mention when you devote a little attention to it, and grandfather Marko, like does before him, have always enjoyed themselves next to the stills and barrels. They spoke about experience and production, remembering the plentiful years, praising there work and the quality of the brandy.  read more>>>