,,There is no good brandy without good fruit“ grandfather Marko was known to say while maintaining the family orchard. Like all householders under the Valjevo hills and Šabac glades, where fruit by itself is majestic, not to mention when you devote a little attention to it, and grandfather Marko, like does before him, have always enjoyed themselves next to the stills and barrels. They spoke about experience and production, remembering the plentiful years, praising there work and the quality of the brandy.

With pride we present the plum, apricot and quince rakia (brandy), for witch the sweet, juicy fruit in it’s most technological maturity, was collected, entirely from family orchards.

Thanks to them we can guaranty constant quality and recognizable taste of ,,Vojvoda“ brandy. We take pride in plum and apricot, as we will with other fruit brandies, when the young fruit pears begins to bear.

Altitude of over 200 meters and the position of orchards in Svileuva, where the sun washes and covers, have put experienced boilermakers on sweet torments where ever family brandy started flowing. The Idea of presenting the brandy to the world has always been growing, and in 2005. It saw the light, pressing it’s taste and name ,,Vojvoda“.